Floating Thumb Technique For the Electric Bass

In this bass guitar lesson we will discuss the Floating Thumb, a technique that one must master to become a proficient player of the instrument. This technique serves two purposes. First it gives our right hand a neutral starting posture meaning we are not over extending the thumb joints. The second it provides a built in mute for our E and A strings. The more you play the bass the more you will realize that half the battle is making sure unwanted strings are not sympathetically vibrating. 

    Example of what the Floating Thumb technique should look like

More Than One Way To Pluck A Double Bass

Recently I have been in the recording studio laying down double bass tracks for a number of local area artist’s and have had the chance to fully utilize all the various ways to pluck or pizz. a bass.  Varying our right hand attack and position is a segment of bass playing that is often over looked.  In this article we will discuss the two most commons forms of pizzicato as well as variations on these forms to add different attacks and timbre’s to our playing.  Remember your sound comes from the motion and inertia of your entire arm when plucking the bass.  If you feel as though you are just using your finger to create sound concentrate on being aware of your wrist and forearm as well.

Tips For Purchasing Your First Mandolin


Through out my years of  teaching I have been constantly distraught at the quality of beginner mandolins that have walked through my door for students first lesson.  This is no fault of the student but a problem that plagues the music retail industry.  For what ever reason be its size and more complex construction finding a quality starter mandolin can be a frustrating task.  It is my goal in this blog to offer up some things to look for when shopping for a mandolin.




Tips For Choosing Mandolin Picks


One of the first things I discuss in my mandolin lessons with students is what type of pick to use.  There are hundreds of different picks to choose from. While what works for some might not work for others, if we arm ourselves with some basic information you will be able to purchase picks with more confidence.  In this blog we will look at the three main variables in picks: size/shape, thickness and material.  I will also discuss some popular brand picks amongst mandolinist. 



What To Except in You Beginner Bass Lessons


It is important to start off playing the bass or any musical instrument on the right foot. Bad habits can develop quickly from improper left/right hand technique or misconceptions of musical concepts.  It is far easier to learn correct technique from the get go then having to break bad habits.


So what should you expect from your first lessons on the bass?  When I start with a new student the first thing we will cover will be all the parts of the instrument.  From the headstock to the bridge we discuss the terminology and purpose of the various parts of the bass.  Next we will focus on exercises for both the left and right hand, with a focus on achieving the desired hand placement/position.  Once we have both hands starting to work in unison we will begin a basic song at same time continuing to focus on proper technique.  Once we have a few songs under our belt I always encourage my students to bring in a song that inspires them to want to play the bass.

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