Tips For Choosing Mandolin Picks


One of the first things I discuss in my mandolin lessons with students is what type of pick to use.  There are hundreds of different picks to choose from. While what works for some might not work for others, if we arm ourselves with some basic information you will be able to purchase picks with more confidence.  In this blog we will look at the three main variables in picks: size/shape, thickness and material.  I will also discuss some popular brand picks amongst mandolinist. 



What To Except in You Beginner Bass Lessons


It is important to start off playing the bass or any musical instrument on the right foot. Bad habits can develop quickly from improper left/right hand technique or misconceptions of musical concepts.  It is far easier to learn correct technique from the get go then having to break bad habits.


So what should you expect from your first lessons on the bass?  When I start with a new student the first thing we will cover will be all the parts of the instrument.  From the headstock to the bridge we discuss the terminology and purpose of the various parts of the bass.  Next we will focus on exercises for both the left and right hand, with a focus on achieving the desired hand placement/position.  Once we have both hands starting to work in unison we will begin a basic song at same time continuing to focus on proper technique.  Once we have a few songs under our belt I always encourage my students to bring in a song that inspires them to want to play the bass.

Guide to Double Bass Pickups

My students often ask me in there double bass lessons which pickup should I get for my bass.  They have read reviews that this one or that one are the way to go and what would I recommend.  


My response is always three fold.

 1. How much do you want to spend?

2. How loud do you want to be able to play?

3. Every bass and person's ears and hands are different. So a pickup that works for others may not work for you. 

Jams/Open Mic's In Columbus, OH

So you have some bass lessons, mandolin lessons or ukulele lessons under your belt, and you are beginning to feel confident in your ability to play.  The next step is finding people to play music with in your area.  Family and friends who play instruments should be the first stop for people and a low pressure situation where it is ok to make a few mistakes.  Beyond jamming with your friends there are lots of outlets available for you to play music from participating in a musical group at your church to going to local jam sessions. With just a little looking around and asking your teachers for you will be amazed at all  options available to a budding musician.


The following are some opportunities that exist in the Central Ohio area for you to put your music lessons to good use. 

Why Do I Need Private Music Lessons Everything I Need To Know Is On Youtube


With the advent of the internet learning resources are more readily accessible to someone who is interested in learning how to play the Bass Guitar, Double Bass or Mandolin.  A quick search on Youtube will give you access to an ever increasing array of how to video lessons for your particular instrument.  While this is a great resource to have and I myself have picked up some ideas from these videos they do not replace the human interaction of a student with a teacher.   Below are several examples of how a teacher will aid your musical development far greater than any online resource.

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